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A New IGBT Module with Insulated Metal Baseplate (IMB) and 7th Generation Chips 2015-07-27 732KB 點擊下載
A new versatile high power Intelligent Power Module(IPM) for EV and HEV Applications 2015-07-27 709KB 點擊下載
A New Version Transfer Mold-Type DIPIPMTMs with built-in Converter and Brake function 2015-07-27 626KB 點擊下載
An Efficient Method to Estimate the Maximum Junction Temperature of IGBT Modules 2015-07-27 855KB 點擊下載
Design and Implementation of a 125kW T-NPC PV Inverter 2015-07-27 922KB 點擊下載
High Performance 7th Generation Chip Installed Power Module for EVHEV Inverters 2015-07-27 816KB 點擊下載
Introduction of Short Circuit Protection Design for DIPIPMTM 2015-07-27 970KB 點擊下載
New Hybrid Large DIPIPMTM for PV Application with built-in SiC-SBD and seventh-generation CSTBTTM 2015-07-27 614KB 點擊下載
New Transfer-Molded SLIMDIP for white goods using thin RC-IGBT with a CSTBTTM structure 2015-07-27 713KB 點擊下載
Optimizing Gate Driver to Smooth Gate Waveform 2015-07-27 681KB 點擊下載
Robust HVIGBT module design against high humidity 2015-07-27 878KB 點擊下載
Snubber circuit to suppress the voltage ringing for SiC device 2015-07-27 806KB 點擊下載
A suitable 4.5kV HVIGBT for VSC-HVDC 2014-11-11 213KB 點擊下載
Consideration on IGBT Module Lifetime for Electrical Vehicle (EV) Applications 2014-11-11 409KB 點擊下載
Introduction of the New Generation of 600V Transfer Molded IPM 2014-11-11 429KB 點擊下載
Solutions for 500kW 2-level PV-inverter 2014-11-11 384KB 點擊下載
Over-Temperature protection for IGBT modules 2014-11-11 285KB 點擊下載
A New Series Mini-type Intelligent Power Module 2014-11-11 278KB 點擊下載
Consideration on Protecting IGBT Modules in 3-level Neutral-Point-Clamped Converter 2013-07-12 310KB 點擊下載
Designing the Reliable Driver for the Latest 450A 1.2kV IGBT 2013-07-12 71KB 點擊下載
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